As a Sustrans Volunteer Ranger, we help look after the Trans Pennine Trail within the Barnsley area. This is done in conjunction with the
Trans Pennine Trail Office, Sustrans and Barnsley Council.

There is over 350 mile of the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT); it forms a coast-to-coast route between Southport and Hornsea which is 215 miles long. A north-south route connects Leeds and Chesterfield and has a spur from Selby that links the historic City of York. The route itself is design for walkers, cyclists and (in parts) horse riders.

There is currently just over 52 miles of trail within the Barnsley area, majority of this is off road. Route 62 is from Dunford Bridge to
Brampton (RSPB Old Moor) and Route 67 is from Old Royston to Brampton (RSPB Old Moor).



Trans Penine Trail
Trans Pennine Trail - a national coast to coast route for recreation and transport - for walkers, cyclists and (in parts) horse riders.